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There is something naturally beautiful about quality brickwork. The even lines of each course and the faultless symmetry are all part of the charm that draws people to buildings or walls made from bricks. This however, has a lot to do with the skill and expertise of a brick mason. Professional masonry brings out the exquisite beauty and visual appeal of a structure built using brickwork. The art of truly beautiful brickwork featuring brick detailing and intricate string courses is one that is gradually becoming a lost one. In order to restore the classic beauty of your brick structure, or create one that will last for years, you need a team of dedicated bricklayers.

Who we are

Co-Operative Contractors Ltd have a team of experienced builders who have learnt the skill and art of creating gorgeous brickwork. We build legacy buildings and structures that are strong, durable, long lasting and visually appealing. We put an emphasis on functional beauty with a lot of focus on the durability of our brickwork. Our buildings last a very long time, retaining their beauty and classic elegance. We can work with you to build the structure you want or design your structure from scratch.

Our areas of expertise

We aren’t just about designing a structure and then just putting it up with no love and affection. There is no doubt that we have some of the best at bricklayers out there, however we also specialise in restoration of old brick buildings or walls. Co-Operative Contractors pay attention to detail, making sure that the new bricks match the old ones. We are careful about providing seamless integration between the old parts of the structure and the new, so that you are no longer able to tell where one begins and the other ends.

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How we work

We’ll happily arrange a free consultation with you and determine what your exact needs are. If it is necessary, we send a team on-site to see the extent of the work that is required. From the results of our assessment, it is then possible to provide an estimate of the work needed as well as the projected costs. When Co-Operative Contractors are ready to work, our expert bricklayers will visit your site and begin work. We are always professional and work quickly and efficiently with very little disruption to your daily routine, and aim to leave no client unsatisfied.

Our guarantee to you

We always work to the highest industry standards, never compromising our reputation for integrity. You can be sure that all the materials we use on each and every project are top quality as we only purchase from accredited suppliers. We adhere to safety standards both on your property and for our team. Consistently seeking to deliver beyond our promises, your satisfaction guaranteed.

For a skilled brickwork construction company that will put you and your needs first, call Co-Operative Contractors today.

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