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One of the more popular materials used for surface dressing of old roads and dirt roads is hot tarmacadam. Not only is this form of road surface dressing affordable, when properly laid by experts it is easy to maintain and lasts for a very long time. Co-Operative Contractors Ltd have built up considerable experience working with tarmacadam and our team is made up of tarmacadam experts. Whether it is a driveway in a residential area, a rural dirt road, a commercial parking area or motorway repairs, whatever the need we provide exceptional and long lasting solutions.

Who we are

Co-Operative Contractors Ltd have a team of skilled and professional surfacing experts who have a combined industry experience of over 10 years and we have gained a great reputation for providing top quality professional services at affordable rates. With many satisfied customers in and around Essex, we focus on exceptional service delivery.

Why Block Paving?

We provide high quality tarmacadam surface dressing and road resurfacing that is durable. We specialise in machine and hand lay, using the latter for large areas, while we use hand lay for smaller areas and places that are hard to reach. No matter the size of your project, we provide a strong tarmacadam finish that is watertight and lasts a long time.

We work on roads that have never been laid before as well as resurfacing of damaged roads and driveways. Our team is particularly skilled with hot tar surface dressing and with Co-Operative Contractors you can rest assured knowing your surface dressing will be installed to the best of standards.

Our roads are easy to maintain, cost effective and skid resistant.

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What you get from us

When working with Co-Operative Contractors you’ll get a team of highly skilled and qualified surfacing experts who are dedicated to providing you with the best tarmacadam road solutions. Our prices are competitive and we only use high quality materials and machinery.

We work quickly and do our best to minimise the noise and chaos that comes with construction work at Co-Operative Contractors Ltd we understand that a certain amount of disruption to your daily routine is inevitable, but our team is professional and when we are done we leave your road looking neat and tidy, never cutting corners.

All of our materials are obtained from accredited suppliers and meet all quality and safety standards.

With our team working on your project, you have peace of mind

Co-Operative Contractors Ltd focus on quality and roads that are visually appealing. Our roads are expertly surfaced with exceptional finishing. When you use our services, you are sure of perfection and distinction. We will be happy to give you a free estimate, our priority is to deliver tarmacadam solutions that bear the hallmark of our legacy. Get in touch with us today.

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