Natural Stone Patios

One of the most outstanding options for garden areas are the ones that are built using natural stone in Essex. Our skilled natural stone installers can put down a wide range of stone products tailored to suit your requirements.

With choices ranging from standard patio areas to garden pathways, seating areas, aprons to house entrance and even steps. Any patio laid by us in Essex which is done with natural stone is a patio designed and built for life!

Natural stone does not age, it does not fade and with just light maintenance every year, it will return back to its original condition and colour. There is no equal to its performance when it comes to colours and durability. We offer other patio options such as garden paving which is laid using products from local suppliers and Marshalls.

If you have a natural stone patios, it can be lifted and relaid using the older stone. We recently reinstalled an old sandstone patio which had been laid over 30 years ago and the base had subsided. Once we were finished, it looked like a brand new installation. That is the quality of natural stone when compared to block paving in Essex.

Our Natural Stone Choices

  • Indian Sandstone
  • Granite Stone
  • Porcelain Slabs
  • Egyptian Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Slate Tiling

Every natural stone installation is done to the highest of standards with new base foundations, quality sourced materials and only by using Eco friendly sourced stone. We use a bonding agent on some types of natural stone since certain styles of stone are not permeable enough to bond successfully with the mortar bedding.

The process for this is by applying a slurry primer to the base of each slab before laying them onto the mortar. This ensures a solid bonding with the mortar and a solid patio for many years to come. Call our team today to schedule a free quote on getting natural stone laid at your home from our specialists. Quality workmanship at unbeatable prices.