Paving Installation Procedure

Here is a simple breakdown on how we at Co-Operative Contractors LTD install new driveways. We will use block paving as an example highlighting the entire process from start to finish for you.


  • The start to any installation begins with preparation. The area is marked out for removal and if the size permits, we will always use our digger to carry out the excavation. However, we will always check for underground cabling and piping first before we start any of the excavation.
  • We do not use skips as its very inefficient and can become a real mess. We use our own grab lorry to remove the rubbish from onsite as we generate the rubbish which means the area is generally kept clean and safe during the entire process.
  • Once excavation is complete, we will go around the perimeter shaping the boundary line of the area to whatever the chosen driveway design will be.
  • Once the area is ready, we will move onto the next stage of groundworks and / or drainage systems for your driveway


  • Groundwork begins by assessing the levels of the driveway and what the requirements will be for surface water direction, levels to your house, entrance to other areas on your home and of course, the DPC on your home (damp proof course)
  • We will adjust the levels as required to ensure we can direct or handle the surface water on your driveway whilst complying with SUDS regulations which stipulates handling the run off of water from your driveway correctly
  • Drainage will be inserted and piped into either an existing drainage solution or a new soak away pit which we will create on your driveway for the water
  • Manhole covers will be replaced at this stage and any gulleys or exterior coverings on the ground will be adjusted in height to ensure the correct levels on them
  • Edging kerbs, charcoal kerbing and other restraining edges for your driveway are built into the area at this stage with them being set in a concrete bed


  • We start building your driveway at this stage which will start with a new base of Type 1 MOT foundation which is machine rolled into the driveway until it is solid
  • Permeable membrane weed block is then spread out over the driveway provide a clean separation of Type 1 from the sand base and to help prevent weed growth
  • Steps and borders are installed at this stage on top of the permeable membrane set in concrete. You can learn more about our step installations here
  • River washed sharp sand is applied over the entire area. We pull string lines at this stage and set our screeds off them to ensure we get the correct levels for the sand to direct the surface water once the paving is laid on it
  • The block paving is laid on top of the sand at this stage. The exact pattern will depend on the type of paving you have chosen. You can learn about block paving patterns here.
  • Once the paving is laid into the border, we will cut in the gaps between the paving and borders using either a diamond blade saw or a block splitters.
  • Kiln dried sand or silver sand is brushed into the paving at this stage to help lock the block paving in place
  • We machine vibrate compact the block paving which will settle the paving and interlock them solidly together
  • The joints of the block paving is once more topped up finally with kiln dried sand


  • At this stage, we will remove all the excess materials and rubbish from your home
  • The area including the pavement will be swept down and left clean
  • You are now free to use your new driveway right away

We hope this helps to clarify some of the process involved in laying block paving on a driveway but if you require more information, our team would love to hear from you. Find out how our paving contractors can help you today to build a new driveway or patio at unbeatable price in Essex.