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Are you looking to replace your driveway in Southend? Why not call Cooperative Contractors LTD to get a free estimate for replacing, resurfacing or repairing driveways in Southend on Sea.

Our driveway contractors take pride in every single driveway installation they undertake, from small resurfacing projects to converting front gardens into new parking areas for your car.

Driveway Installation in Southend
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Driveways in Southend on Sea

During our free visit, our driveway company can go through the various choices to you and help to provide you with a tailored option for a new driveway in Southend.

They will discuss the various choices you can have for surfacing your driveway which includes options such as block paving your driveway, tarmac and asphalt driveways, gravel driveways, resin driveways and more.

Each driveway is built from the base to the surface to last with only high quality graded materials used on the installation. Our installation process for driveways is done to industry standards with a minimum of 8 inch excavations applied.

Along with extending or replacing your driveway, our team can convert your front garden into a new driveway area to create a place for you to safely park your car.

To further create a tailored look to your driveway area, we can provide custom choices such as cobblelock kerbing, edging stones, dividing walls, boundary walling, new front door steps, custom installed designs and other similar options.

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What types of driveway installations options are available in Southend?


The price of a new driveway in Southend

Driveway installations in Southend can vary dramatically and not only because of the size of the area. The type of surface you will choose for your driveway will impact the price significantly.

On the lower end of the scale, gravel driveways and tar chip driveways would be considered the more affordable whilst resin bound surfacing and Tegula paving the more expensive options for a driveway.

UV resin surfacing would be considered currently the most durable solution for a driveway, tarmac and block paving provide the best value trade off between lifespan and cost.

Resurfacing your driveway

If your tarmac or concrete driveway is looking worn down but otherwise in stable condition, choosing to resurface the driveway instead of fitting a new driveway makes financial sense.

To resurface your driveway, we will chip out the perimeter of the surface so the new surface can finish at the same level as the old one to adjacent areas. You can choose from tarmac, asphalt, tar chip or resin bound for resurfacing the driveway.

Driveway Installations Near You

If you need a driveway installer near you, we service a wide region outside of Southend as well with driveway installations in Essex, driveway installers in Chelmsford, driveway contractors in Basildon and more.

If you are not sure over the type of driveway surface you would like at your home or need a free estimate, why not call our contractors on 0800 696 5034 to have a chat about your driveway refurbishment.

Custom Driveway Installations in Southend on Sea